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Unity continuous integration & delivery

Automate building, testing, and publishing Unity apps to stores to speed up delivery and save time.

Unity CI/CD with Codemagic

Unity CI/CD with Codemagic

Reduce wait times and automate delivery of your Unity builds to the testers and stores by setting up CI/CD pipelines with the easy-to-configure codemagic.yaml file. Commit changes to version control, and Codemagic will do the rest: building your Unity app for various platforms, delivering it to the testers' devices, and publishing it to the App Store, Google Play Store, and other stores.

CI/CD speeds up development and helps you avoid crunches and excessive wait times. Read our post on why CI/CD is important for Unity games, and make sure to check out our in-depth guide on how to start with Unity and continuous integration and delivery.

Top reasons to use
Codemagic for Unity CI/CD

Easy setup

Easy project setup

Setting up a CI/CD pipeline for Unity games is quick and easy, thanks to Codemagic's comprehensive documentation and the Unity CI/CD sample project we've prepared to help you set up everything more quickly.

Automated deployment

Automated deployment

Codemagic allows you to automatically publish your Unity apps to Google Play and submit them to App Store Review. Don't wait for the build to complete or waste time moving it around. Automated deployment allows you to deliver changes to your customers faster and enjoy the benefits of DevOps.

Decreased build times

Fastest builds for Unity projects

Building your project in the cloud saves time: you can use your local workstation to perfect the next release while the project is being built. Codemagic offers premium Mac Pro and Windows VMs that come with the Unity SDK preinstalled to provide you with faster builds, further reducing the time between committing and publishing.

Collaboration between developers and artists

Effective collaboration between developers and artists

Implementing a CI/CD pipeline for Unity games increases your team's productivity. It helps reduce the workload for developers and build engineers and allows artists and modelers to test their assets and deploy changes themselves.

Preinstalled software

Build machines with Unity and the latest Xcode versions preinstalled

Codemagic's build machines come with the latest Unity and Xcode versions so that you can use the latest technologies for VR, AR, and the like. You also have full control over the build machines. Install any software and get full logs of each step of building, testing, and publishing your Unity project.

Community support

Quick and friendly support

We are always ready to help you with any special needs and configurations for your Unity CI/CD pipelines. Have any questions? Join our Slack community, or book a free onboarding call with our experts. If you are on a Professional plan, you can get your questions answered right inside Codemagic's interface.

Unity continuous integration and delivery

Combine frameworks

Combine the power of Unity with other frameworks

Combine the best of two worlds and build a project with Unity and React Native or any other framework. Codemagic can build and publish such apps, and you can have easily built native apps with native desings for various different platforms, while unlocking Unity game engine's multiplaform potential.

Easily add your Unity project wherever it is hosted

Whichever git service you choose for your repository – GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps or Google Cloud source, Codemagic can fetch and build your Unity projects. It supports both cloud and locally hosted solutions.

Automatically deliver your app to testers and stakeholders

Codemagic allows you to set up CI/CD pipelines so that builds of your Unity projects are automatically delivered to testers' and stakeholders' devices right after the build finishes. Codemagic supports integration with Firebase App Distribution, or you can choose to distribute them to testers with Testflight or Google Play.