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Automate building and publishing Unity games with Codemagic

Codemagic CI/CD helps you build Unity apps in the cloud and distribute them to testers and stores


Focus on developing your game, let Codemagic handle all the boring tasks

Set up CI/CD pipelines to automatically build the game on every code change and distribute new app versions to your QA team or to the stores. While you work on your game, Codemagic will:

  • build the project in the cloud, thus offloading it from your computer
  • run automated tests
  • share test builds via dashboards, Discord, Slack, or email
  • publish the game to Google Play, Apple App Store, Steam, or Oculus Store
Builds overview

Top reasons to use
Codemagic for Unity CI/CD

Collaboration between developers and artists

Pre-installed Unity Editor

Codemagic has the latest LTS version of Unity pre-installed to speed up the builds. If that’s not the version you’re looking for, you can install a different Unity version with a simple command.

Easy setup

Easy to set up and use

With Codemagic, it’s easy for everyone on the team to trigger builds and get build artifacts. The setup is simple and quick thanks to the comprehensive documentation and the Unity CI/CD sample project we've prepared.

Preinstalled software

Always updated infrastructure

You don’t need to care about maintaining the build infrastructure for CI/CD. Codemagic does that for you. We always have the latest versions of various development tools installed on our build machines.

Automated deployment

Automated deployment

Codemagic has integrations with the most relevant stores, such as Google Play, Apple App Store, Steam, or Oculus Store for automated deployment. You can also use integrations with Firebase App Distribution, Slack, or Discord to distribute the build to the QA team.

Decreased build times

Fixed costs and transparent pricing

Codemagic has transparent pricing. You can either choose to pay for what you use, or go with a fixed cost Professional plan. And we have a free plan with 500 free build minutes per month!

Community support

Quick and friendly support

Need help or have any questions? Join our GitHub Discussion. Paying customers can get in touch with us via the in-app chat widget.